A little bit about our company
At General Logistics we build strong relationships with our customers because they consistently see the value we provide with our hard working team. Much of the strength of General Logistics is through our people; great service and technology and the fact that we're always adding true value to customer business. Contact us for a free quote and see for yourself why General Logistics is one of the fastest growing companies in the United states.


Through our parent company “Auto Trans Group”, General Logistics has the advantage of servicing your freight as both an asset-based motor carrier that is fully licensed and insured to transport freight of all kinds throughout the United States and Canada, as well as a 3PL solutions provider.


Our fleet of highly qualified drivers, later-model and well maintained trucks and trailers are steadily expanding every day. As mentioned, we are also a 3PL solutions provider in which we pride ourselves on having the best partnerships within our “carrier-select” database of nearly 2500 carefully selected carriers who set a new benchmark for standards that 3PL’s should look for when selecting a third-party carrier outside their own fleet, should they have one.